Which of the big 3 is the best consulting?

MBB (Big Firms at a Glance) This principle allows McKinsey to bring together the best people for any given task in any office in the world. Together, these two mutually supportive strategies have steadily strengthened McKinsey's reputation as the best consulting firm to work for.

Which of the big 3 is the best consulting?

MBB (Big Firms at a Glance) This principle allows McKinsey to bring together the best people for any given task in any office in the world. Together, these two mutually supportive strategies have steadily strengthened McKinsey's reputation as the best consulting firm to work for. The Big Three or MBB refers to the name that is colloquially given to the three large strategic consulting firms. They are considered to be the most prestigious firms in the management consulting industry.

In terms of employees, McKinsey & Company is the largest and leads by revenue, followed by Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company. MBB is an abbreviated way of referring to the “big three strategic consulting firms”, McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company. These firms are the most prestigious management consulting firms because they hire the best highly competitive undergraduate graduates from M, B, A. Programs solve the most difficult business problems (industry disruption, mergers,% 26% acquisitions, new product development,% 26% launches, etc.).

MBB consulting firms are the hardest to get jobs in the consulting industry, hiring less than 1% of the people who apply each year. Is it worth the time to apply? The top 5 reasons other management consulting firms apply to MBB Firms hit the nail on the head with the case: 26% fit the interview with strategies from former MBB interviewers who have helped 89.6% of our clients pass the case interview. Deloitte, EY, PwC and KPMG are collectively called the Big Four in accounting and, with their consulting divisions, play an important role in driving global consulting projects forward, especially with regard to implementation and transformation. Boutique firms are newer, specialized, or localized consulting firms that operate in a particular sector, function, or region.

Boutique consulting firms are generally smaller and focus on specialized, personalized offerings. With smaller teams, they tend to work closely with their customers throughout the project lifecycle. Let's see in detail how MBB firms compare with the big 4 and other boutique firms. This will help you make a more informed decision when choosing between companies.

Now we have seen why MBB consulting firms are considered the big 3 in the consulting world, compared to. The Big 4 Consulting Firms and Boutique Consulting Firms. Let's discuss how MBB firms compare to each other and which one you should target. MBB consulting firms may seem very similar to those that have just entered the industry, but they consider their cultures and approach to working with clients unique.

Every company is looking for recruits who understand the uniqueness of their company and who are better suited to their company. Receiving a job offer from any of the MBB firms may seem more than enough. However, learning more about a particular company will help you get an offer and decide between the three big offers, if you receive more than one. McKinsey, the oldest and most prestigious of the big three, was founded in 1926 by James O.

McKinsey, professor at the University of Chicago. McKinsey has quickly adapted to changing times. They were the first to adopt the concept of functional groups to address the increasing complexity of the problems faced by their customers. They realized the need for experience and continued to develop deep functional knowledge in areas such as sales (% 26%), marketing, data analysis and coding, and operational excellence.

More recently, McKinsey has entered the digital realm of transformations driven by technology and artificial intelligence. McKinsey propagates the culture of collaboration and encourages the exchange of knowledge between geographies and functional groups. This helps the firm to “offer the best of McKinsey” to each client by using its in-house experience to help resolve customer issues quickly and effectively. McKinsey's hiring process follows the same flow as that of BCG or Bain, with some nuances in the way the initial selection or interviews are carried out, as explained below.

Are you excited about McKinsey's culture? Learn more about the McKinsey Case interview and “Why McKinsey to increase your chances of receiving an offer from McKinsey”. Bruce Henderson founded BCG in 1963 with the vision of pioneering bold new approaches to running a business and helping organizations to be “prepared to win.”. Henderson has always believed in breaking the status quo and that has become part of BCG's DNA. BCG focuses on its people and does everything it can to provide a great work experience.

BCG invests a significant amount of time and money in the development of people at all levels. It is common for senior partners to advise associates from their inception at the firm. BCG is the forerunner of thought leadership in the consulting world. BCGers (as they call themselves) are striving to break the status quo and have great academic momentum.

BCG, like other consulting firms, has functional groups, but it also believes in adapting solutions to the client's unique requirements. This leads to intense brainstorming and requires innovative thinking when developing recommendations. To drive endless innovation, BCG employees are proud to keep up with changes in public policies, financial markets, and disruptions in global business. It's common to see people having a healthy debate about current affairs and business, and pressuring other people to broaden their perceptual horizons.

BCG believes in contributing to society. Throughout the year, for several days, BCG organizes community service campaigns in which people come together and contribute to charities in their community. This brings BCGers together outside of work and helps build stronger ties. The BCG hiring process has many similarities to that of McKinsey and Bain, but there are certain aspects that are more important to the BCG hiring process compared to the other two.

BCG employees continue to make an impact even after they leave the company. Here are some notable examples. Did you like BCG's culture? You can read more about how to decipher the BCG case interview or learn more about “Why BCG may be the right choice for you.”. The Bainies live by the motto of “Work Hard, Play Hard” and believe in developing strong professional and personal relationships.

Bainies can be seen having a drink after a long day at work or going out together on the weekends. The strong union helps make long working hours manageable. One can expect a Bainie just a text message or phone call away. The culture prides itself on helping people get out of the weeds, picking them up in their most difficult moments, and setting them up for success.

Almost all consulting firms have the same professional evolution, with slight differences in the names of the positions. All MBB firms have “up or down” policies in which people must obtain promotions within a certain time frame or be asked to leave the organization. However, Bain has the highest retention rate among MBB firms. Babies have an advantage in how they shape their progress.

They have the opportunity to personalize their career path. At Bain, it's called “Choose Your Own Adventure” and it gives them the opportunity to move between global offices, do external internships, attend business school, or devote themselves to social work. The contribution that the Bainies receive in their careers may be what helps them to succeed. Bain is the youngest of the MBB firms, but it still has notable alumni, as shown below.

Do you think Bain is the right fit for you? Learn more about “Why Bain? , the Bain Case interview and the Bain Experience interview to increase your chances of joining Bain. Thank you for going to My Consulting Offer to learn more about MBB consulting firms. My consulting offering has helped almost 89.6% of the people we've worked with to get a job in management consulting. We want you to be successful in your consulting interviews as well.

For example, this is how Kathryn was able to get her BCG offer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. McKinsey & Company is an association and is widely recognized as the most prestigious consulting firm. It was founded in 1926 by James O.

McKinsey, however, underwent a significant transition through the leadership of Marvin Bower, who established the McKinsey principles for which it is known today. .

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